Get customer feedback that fuels growth.

talksprout is the AI-powered widget and platform that collects and automates the analysis of your customer feedback for your product effortlessly.

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How it works


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Drop our lightweight widget into your website and start capturing feedback from your customers straight away. Capture their mood and what's really on their minds with custom prompts.

Question your data

Explore your data deeper with our GPT powered chat functionality. Ask contextual questions about your feedback. You can ask about ways to fix issues, elaborate on specific points, draft user stories and so on.

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Try the widget yourself!

Spot the blue button on the right? Thats also the talksprout widget. Give us some feedback.


Insight-driven feedback for your products and services

With these features, you can gather, analyze, and act on feedback from your users to continuously improve your product and deliver a better user experience.

Lightweight widget

Lightweight widget easy to drop in anywhere on your website in just a few lines of code

Custom prompts

Steer your customer feedback context with custom message prompts

AI powered analysis

Automated feedback analysis along with chat like functionality using the latest GPT language models

Slack integrations

Integrate with slack to get notified of new feedback submissions. Discord coming soon

Language support

Support for more than 40 languages

Coming soon

Export tools

Export your feedback data in your chosen format for your own inhouse analysis

Coming soon

Easy, cost-effective pricing

Pick a plan thats right for you


For hobbyist and personal use


1 Workspaces
20 submissions
1 Seat
Automated analysis
Customisable widget
Slack integration
Email notifications


For small start ups


A month
10 Workspaces
300 submissions
3 Seats
Automated analysis
Customisable widget
Slack integration
Email notifications


For growing companies


A month
Unlimited Workspaces
10000 submissions
Unlimited Seats
Automated analysis
Customisable widget
Slack integration
Email notifications

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